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Atīsāra, Diarrhoea: A Comparison of Disease Patterns and Treatment in Eastern Āyurvedic and Western Biomedicine

Influences of western medicine have led to the adoption of modern descriptions of illnesses into āyurveda. The classic āyurvedic nosology is however classified by complexes of symptoms, which does not justify an uncritical transfer of elements of the one system into the other. An examination of the general transferability is still largely missing at this time.  Additionally, if or how illnesses have changed over time as well as if such changes have been included within āyurvedic therapies has not been adequately researched yet.  

For a scientific examination of these questions it is necessary to do an analysis of the original language texts on āyurveda and of the modern āyurvedic treatment strategies. A comparison of results based on selected disease descriptions can provide parallels to western medicine.

The goal of this dissertation is to create a better basis for comparisons for the purpose of a gainful cooperation between both of these medical systems and to strengthen āyurveda within the scientific context by making a contribution towards standardisation of āyurvedic treatment methods.